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Sunday June 26 2022 
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Bad luck with weather (again)
Jul 30, 2015, 12:11 pm

Saturday 25th July, Our 1st Team was away at Blue Flames CC, we had 3 regular 1st team players missing including our Captain and Vice-Captain. On an day which was overcast with rain forecasted later on, we were very surprised when we inspected the wicket only to find that it had be scarified with deep groves in the track, (just like you would do for your end of season work) the toss was very important, our stand in captain Graham Whitworth called wrong and you guessed it we were put into bat. Our openers were parted early on when captain Whitworth was caught on 0, his partner Michael Adamson was steady in his 20 before he fell LBW to Purvis, Adam Peacock batted well on this wicket and was going along great when he was out on 54 off spinner Amin. We welcomed back Matty Tanney from his 18 month’s sabbatical he scored 7 bowled by Purvis with a real gem of a delivery. Dean Hardy batted well for a steady 23, Jay Little kept up his good form with a good 18 not out, Dean Greaves hit a lusty straight 6. We ended up 167 all out not a bad effort on a wicket where the bounce was up and down. The Blue Flames bowlers who took wickets were D. Purvis 3 for 50, F. Amin 2 for 23, C. Myers 2 for 27 and A. Khan 1 for 14.

The rain came at tea time and the Flames who had just had covers delivered and they did not have the hoses fitted, they eventually pushed them on the wicket after a little while of rain, they fitted the hoses, however they did not pull over the joining flaps and when the rain stopped the rain had seeped between each joint and this delayed the play for quite a while.

We eventually got started with only 1 hour and 15 minutes to bowl our overs we decided to give it a right good blast and hope we could remove some early wickets. This we did with Captain Whitworth bowling a good line and length with bounce which caused the flames batters all sorts of problems, it took a little while to remove the openers but when we did, we took wickets a regular intervals, only their Captain Awan scored any runs of note with 31 not out and some of this was hitting with a big back swing, which we did not mind. We took 4 wickets in the last 4 overs with 3 of these falling in 9 balls, the final 2 wickets fell on the 3rd and 4th delivery of the final over meaning we had 2 balls to blow them all out. This was a great effort by the Rugger lads taking 9 wickets in 27 overs before we were timed out at 8pm.

This was a real disappointment to get so close but still be so far away. This is now the third time we have had this fate with the weather preventing what looked like 3 wins. If we had another 2 or 3 overs we felt we had the game won or even another 15 minutes, and if the covers flaps had been fitted correctly we could have easily come away with a win.

Our bowlers who took wickets D. Greaves 3 for 32, G. Whitworth 3 for 17, and J. Richards 3 for 9 (including 2 in 2 balls).

Blue Flames CC 10 points Ashington Rugby CC 12 points (Match Drawn)

Our 2nd team entertained Blue Flames CC; still struggling to field a team we had 5 none cricketers in our ranks, we decided to blow on a wicket which looks a road full of runs. Blue Flames were happy to bat and they certainly made hay scoring 237 for 4 off their 40 overs, Z. Ahmed 62, A. Horner 51, S. Taylor 48 and D. Taylor 36. We scored 136 all out with only 9 wickets down; L. Lavery 30 and R. Pringle 31 were our only runs scorers of any merit. Blue Flames main bowling danger was Z. Ahmed following his 62 runs with the bat he then took 6 wickets for 31. We ended up losing by 101 runs.

Ashington Rugby CC 4 points Blue Flames CC 30 points    

Player returns
Jul 23, 2015, 10:53 pm

Great news for the Rugger boys who welcome back Matty Tanney after 18 months from Bedlington CC.

We must be doing something right when players leave and then return back to our club.

Great to have you back Matty!!!!!!

Birkett Cup Final
Jul 23, 2015, 10:51 pm

Berwick CC won the Birkett Cup final against Clara Vale CC played at our ground on 21st of July. Clara batted first and scored 110 all out they were 90 for 3 after 13 overs, S. Emery took a hat trick for Berwick to slow down the runs. Berwick won with a few overs to spare.

Mixed fortunes
Jul 21, 2015, 1:42 pm

Saturday 18th July, 1st Team at home entertaining Berwick CC, on an overcast windy day, Cory Milburn (vice-captain) and captain for the day won the toss and elected to bat. With both openers away on holiday and a trip to the races we opened up with Michael Adamson and Graham Whitworth they put on a good opening stand seeing off the opening bowlers, before Graham was out caught off Middlemist for 16 and Michael out for a good knock of 48 also out to Middlemist. We kept building slowly as the change bowlers put a strangle hold on the runs. Adam Peacock 26, Dean Hardy 11, Jay Little 14, Cory Milburn 4, Paul Milburn 21, Steven Parsons 4, Johnny Richards 4, Dean Greaves 1 with 27 extras we ended up all out for 176 off 48 overs. Berwick CC bowling S. Emery 2 for 47, S. Wales 1 for 48, S. Middlemist 4 for 30 and M. Shearer 3 for 43.

Berwick’s run chase started well for the rugger boys with Dean Greaves bowling G. Thompson for 0, then Berwick started to build a partnership M. Hush 22 and M. Murray 23, we then claimed two big wickets of Wales run out by Cory Milburn with a direct hit and Middlemist for 7 off the impressive bowling of Graham Whitworth. We started to take regular wickets however we struggled to remove Mr Shearer who batted well will a strange stance and pick up, however it worked for him and we were pleased to see the end of him he scored 47. Berwick ended up all out for 142 leaving the rugger boys to their 8th win of the season with a margin of 34 runs.

Our bowlers D. Greaves 1 for 24, C. Milburn 2 for 35, T. Elliott 1 for 33 and G. Whitworth 4 for 30.

Ashington Rugby CC 29 points and Berwick CC 7 points.

Our 2nd team was playing Cramlington CC when we had 5 cricket playing members and 4 stand in players making up a much weakened team of 9 men only (a big thank you from our Chairman for the lads wanting to play a game which they could have easily conceded) We had over 14 players not available for various reasons mainly holidays, work, and pre booked events. Cramlington scored 184 for 6 and we were all out for 32.

Cramlington CC 29 points and Ashington Rugby CC 3 points.

Debut for league side
Jul 15, 2015, 11:11 pm

Sunday 12th July saw 2 players from our club play for the full league team, first time in our history that this has happened; Adam Peacock made his debut along with Cory Milburn who has been in the team for over a season now. They were playing the North East Midweek League (League of Nations) at Bates Cottages CC.

Our league side batted first and scored a healthy 289 for 7, our lads Adam scored 4 and Cory 22, Liam Hindmarsh form Tillside scored a good 50 plus.

When bowling Cory clean bowled Ben O'Brien early on removing a dangerous batsman, however in entered an Indian (sorry no name) who played in the IPL along with 2 Australians, we kept chipping away with the wickets mainly through our spin attack, which eventually ended up the best way forward winning by approx 80 runs. 

IMG_1470 IMG_1480 IMG_1448

Both teams lose
Jul 15, 2015, 11:01 pm


Saturday 11th July saw the 1st team play at Blagdon CC; on a day when we expected a dust bowl for their bowling attack we were surprised to find a damp track. Things went from bad to worse when we lost Captain Chris Harwood with the very first ball of our innings, bowled by Senior and Rosser went not long after chasing a wide ball off the same bowler. Adam Peacock steadied the ship for a period before he tried to cut leg spin bowler Ali Clark and was out bowled for 22. Michael Adamson 13, Dean Hardy 7, Jay Little 6. It was left to the Milburn’s, father and son put on a partnership building our score before son Cory who was the dominant player in the partnership was out caught behind on 37 also out was Scott Maddison 13, Dean Greaves 6 leaving Paul Milburn on 40 not out. All out for 174, including 24 extras. Blagdon’s bowlers M. Senoir 4 for 34, D. Gibson 1 for 23, P. Johnson 2 for 28, Ali Clark 2 for 40.

Dean Greaves struck early in Bladgon’s run chase removing D. Gibson clean bowled and M. Clough LBW in a few balls. Adam Clark and Matty Senior build a partnership and the score, they carried a bit of luck Matty was dropped at gulley by Rosser when only scored a few runs and Clark was dropped by keeper Hardy, if only we took our catches Senior scored 61 and Clark 37. Leaving Concannon who bewildered our bowlers aiming one way and the ball going elsewhere (one call from the lads was are you batting with a rubix cube). Bladgon got the total for the loss of 6 wickets, our bolwers D. Greaves 4 for 41, C. Milburn 1 for 69, G. Whitworth 1 for 28.

Blagdon CC  29 points Ashington RCC 6 points.

Our 2nd X1 who were 2nd top was hosting top of the league Warenford CC in the Division 2 clash at the REC with run machine Brian Thompson in their ranks, Warenford batted first and yes you gassed it Brian scored 120 not out on a good wicket, R Thompson scored 38, they ended up with 212 for 6, our star bower was Bernie Tanney with 3 for 29. Our batting did not get going we were all out for 107, Trevor Elliott top scored with 30. We must mention that we were close to conceding this tie due to a large number of unavailable players, so a great effort by the lads and a big thank you to our stand in cover players for supporting the club.

Ashington RCC 4 points Warenford CC 30 points.

Rugger Boy Captain's League Under 21 Team
Jul 6, 2015, 12:48 pm

Cory Milburn captained the Northumberland League under 21 team in a game at Stocksfiled CC against the West Tyne League. Our league batted first and scored 211 off their 40 overs.

The West Tyne League team went to bat and they faced Cory in the first over he bowled a good spell of 5 overs taking 1 wicket for 14 runs. The bad weather which was forecasted came and there was thunder and lightning then a heavy down pour which ended the game at 23 overs with the West Tyne side on 112 for 6. That meant on run rate the Northumberland League won and went through to the final to be played at Whitburn CC they will either face the North East Premier League or the North Yorkshire & South Durham League both very strong sides.

Day to forget
Jul 6, 2015, 12:36 pm

Saturday 4th July, was a wet day, our 2nd team game was called off they were due to play Stobswood CC at their place, however the game was called off due to the weather and pitch conditions.

The 1st team were at home at the “REC” the ground was wet and it did not stop raining till mid-day and we spiked the outfield to remove and surface water, the problem was that water had run under our mobile covers and we were reduced to a 35 over game against the visitors GEMs.

We won the toss and elected to bowl, Cory bowled his normal aggressive spell and had the GEMs boys in trouble removing 2 wickets in 2 balls, S Ahmed was caught in the slips by Stu Rosser and the next ball he removed Balakrishnan LBW. H Mohammed and Hussian built a steady partnership scoring 27 and 36 respectively. The bowling change bringing on Scott Maddison to bowl his spin did the trick for the second week running he took 5 wickets for 31 runs, Cory Milburn 3 for 24, Trevor Elliot 1 for 27 and Adam Peacock 1 for 4. GEMs were all out 119 great effort, our lads went into the tea break happy.

Happiness did not last long when we started our run chase we had lost 5 wickets for only 11 runs Mukhtar did the damage taking the first 4 wickets in a good spell of seam and swing bowling our only partnership of any note was Jay Little 27 and Cory Milburn 20 along with Dean Greaves 14 we ended up all out for 101, a very very disappointing day at the office. GEMs bowling A Mukhtar 6 for 20, H Mohammed 1 for 30, T Alam 1 for 17, Z Shahid 2 for 29.

Ashington Rugby CC 6 points GEMs 26 points

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