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Club Fund Raiser
Sep 18, 2020, 2:14 pm

Our club is running a Last Man Standing competition organised by Chris Harwood, for the this the first competition Chris managed to get 40 people to join, the entry fee is a one off £10 and you don’t pay anything more until the prize pot is won.

This is basically a competition to pick one Premier League football team from the weekend’s fixtures, your team must win for you to go through to the next round, if not you are out. If your team wins you must pick a different team for the following week’s fixtures and so on until someone wins.

The club takes a cut of the entry fee and the rest is paid out to the winner.

A great way to raise club funds and have something to look forward too, in these testing times, when our club income is very little.

If you would like to be considered for the next game after this one has been won, give Chris a call or contact your Chairman.

Stay safe!!!!!!


ECB Guidance 18.9.2020
Sep 18, 2020, 1:58 pm
ECB Update


We are now in a position to share with you the guidelines for cricket indoors which are available to view via the links below. Thank you for your patience whilst we worked with DCMS and key partners to finalise these.

The purpose of these guidelines is to offer practical guidance to venues, coaching providers and clubs on the steps they should take while undertaking cricket indoors. They should be read in conjunction with latest UK and Welsh Government regulations. These guidelines could change in response to the current COVID-19 Alert Level or other Government advice.

In order to keep cricket going as it moves indoors, there will need to be adaptations in place for all, including venues, coaching providers, players, parents/carers, spectators and officials. Those adaptations relate to activity prior to, during and after cricket activity. There are also adaptations from the Step 4 outdoor guidance.


A summary of the adaptations is listed below but please read the full guidance documents for both England and Wales for comprehensive details.

  • Carry out a COVID-19 Risk assessment, act on it, communicate it, publish it.
  • Include ventilation, occupancy, social distancing and cleaning as a minimum.
  • Implement and communicate control measures.
  • H&S, First Aid, Safeguarding and Access legislation and requirements remain in place.
  • Continually review and update.
  • Communicate and work in partnership with Coaching Providers and Clubs to make sure government guidance is followed.
  • In Wales, venues should appoint a Coronavirus Officer


Coaching Providers and Clubs
  • Carry out a COVID-19 Risk assessment, act on it, communicate it, publish it.
  • Plan and adapt your coaching activity to be COVID-19 compliant.
  • Plan and adapt pre-session and post-session processes to be COVID-19 compliant (including NHS Test & Trace (England) / Test, Trace, Protect (Wales) requirements).Allow time for handover between sessions.
  • H&S, First Aid, Safeguarding and Access legislation and requirements remain in place.
  • Check venues when you hire them and work in partnership with them to make sure Government guidance is followed.
  • In Wales, coaches must wear facemasks in indoor areas when they are not actively involved in aerobic activity.
  • In Wales, coaching providers and clubs should appoint a Coronavirus Officer
  • Please note that 'Coaching Provider' is a cover-all term that includes all coaching activity, including coach development activity.



  • Enjoy your cricket and enjoy it safely.
  • Cricket indoors is different from normal under COVID-19 and different from outdoor cricket under COVID-19, but everything will be explained to you – just follow guidance from your coaching provider or club.
  • Individuals should undergo a personal symptom check prior to all activity and not take part if they demonstrate any COVID-19 symptoms, in Wales, participants are required to self-declare this and other requirements (see the guidance).You should maintain 2 m social distancing at all times.
  • Players should minimise handling of the ball in all activity, by limiting contact as it makes its way back to the bowler and using small groups in training.
  • No sweat or saliva should be added to the ball at any time.
  • Limit the sharing of equipment where possible. Where not possible, practise strict hand and equipment hygiene. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact your coaching provider or club.
  • In Wales, participants must wear facemasks when entering an indoor facility, and when not participating in cricket activity. They are permitted to remove facemasks during cricket sessions.


Supporting Documents

To support delivery of cricket indoors we have provided an infographic for England and an infographic for Wales.


In relation to England: Checklists for venue operators and coaching providers and clubs and a risk assessment template are all available.


In relation to Wales: Checklists for venue operators and coaching providers and clubs and a risk assessment template are all available.


All of these documents can also be accessed in the ECB Resource Hub here. A reminder to create an account if you have not done so already.


England & Wales Cricket Board, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, NW8 8QZ

Guidance from ECB and Northumberland CB 17.9.2020
Sep 18, 2020, 1:57 pm

Following the government announcement today and the subsequent documents released by our local authorities, it is clear that cricket can continue to be played this weekend, but that spectators should not attend. However in the case of children playing in games, if parents or guardians choose to stay and watch their youngsters, they must maintain socially distancing at all times and not mix households.


Officials of the clubs or league who are required to be at the matches as organisers, facilitators or officials to ensure the match is played safely and in accordance with all the covid-19 regulations are not classed as spectators.


Government Statement;

From Friday 18 September, regulations will ban the following:


·         residents must not socialise with other people outside of their own households or support bubble in private homes and gardens

·         hospitality for food and drink will be restricted to table service only

·         late night restriction of operating hours will be introduced, with leisure and entertainment venues required to close between 10pm to 5am

Residents are also advised to adhere to the following guidance to further reduce rates of infection:

·         not to socialise with other people outside of their own households in all public venues.

·         only to use public transport for essential purposes, such as travelling to school or work

·         take holidays only within your own household or support bubble

·         avoid attending amateur and semi-professional sporting events as spectators

Local Authority FAQ’s relating to sport:

18. What are the changes to playing sports?

Unless formally organised by a sports club or similar organisation, with guidance issued by a sports governing body, team sports should not take place at an indoor or outdoor venue with people who you don’t live with.

You should not spectate at any sports events, including at professional and semi- professional sports events.

19. Can I travel to play sport outside of the areas with restrictions?

Yes. Please wear a face covering if using public transport unless exempt.

Added to this ECB have stated that the 10pm curfew must be respected by all clubs. We must continue to show we’re a responsible sport and that we pay extra attention to hygiene measures and social distancing whilst playing and don’t fall foul of the guidelines – now more than ever.


Government Website -


Local Government FAQ’s - HERE


ECB latest Guidance for cricket - HERE

Sep 16, 2020, 3:18 pm
N&TCL Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020
League Rules (General Rule 10a) specify that the AGM shall be held in November.  It is however clear that for 2020 this meeting cannot be held in the form we are all familiar with.  Thus the Executive Committee has been considering the best way forward, by examining a range of alternative options.  In summary those options were postponement, a technologically based meeting or a document/correspondence based approach.  All these possibilities were seen to have their merits and limitations.  
The decision reached is that, on balance, it will be best to use the document/correspondence approach such that all reports (including annual accounts), which you are used to receiving, will be provided.  This will be accompanied with adoption of a timescale such that enables you to submit questions plus feeding back observations, potential rule amendments and nominations for membership of the Executive Committee.
Thus as a first step there is a wish to ensure all clubs have an opportunity to provide their observations, on the current season and any suggestions they wish to be considered for the future, including potential rule changes.  Clubs, therefore, are requested to submit these to the League Secretary by no later than Saturday 3rd October 2020 for consideration as part of the Executive Committee’s review - all will receive responses.
Should it prove necessary for proposals to be voted on (such as rule changes, nominations for Executive Committee membership or new club applications for membership) then suitable arrangements will be made.
If you have any queries and/or require further information and/or wish to provide any observations concerning this email please do not hesitate to do so by initially contacting the League Secretary.
Issued on behalf of the Executive Committee

ECB COVID-19 Update 14/8/2020
Aug 14, 2020, 4:31 pm
ECB Update


Please find below your weekly messaging update, including information regarding Spacehive, the Cricket-Tea-A-Thon and the Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy. 

ECB Step 4 Return to Cricket Guidance Reminder to all Participants

Ahead of this weekend, please find below a reminder of the key requirements when playing cricket in England. For guidance for Wales, please click here.  


Spacehive - Deadline Approaching 

It has been fantastic to see another influx of clubs signing up to the Spacehive crowdfunding scheme. A reminder that the deadline to sign up is 31 August, and if you are wishing to take part, you can sign up here.


Cricket Tea-A-Thon

This week we’d like to say a huge thank you to all the clubs and community groups who have registered to take part in the Cricket Tea-A-Thon and become a Trussell Trust food collection point and we’re shining a light on the fantastic work of Barking CC in Essex.


On 4th August, the club held their 7th food bank collection this summer.  They have collected an outstanding 670 kg of food across 1,145  items - equivalent to 155 shopping bags, all which has been donated to the Barking Trussell Trust food bank.  This food bank has been desperately short of tinned meat, washing up liquid, jam and Halal-certified long life food to name a few items.  The Barking food bank has described the support received from Barking CC and its volunteers as ‘absolutely phenomenal’ demonstrating the positive impact cricket can make to its local community.


If your club wishes to do something similar and help the most vulnerable in your local community, you can register here to become a Trussell Trust food collection point and get involved in the nationwide Cricket Tea-A-Thon campaign.


Once registered, you will receive a resource pack to help you set up your collection point, including a list of the right foods to collect, help promoting donation to their networks and information where your local Trussell Trust food bank is located.  Also included are useful resources such as a poster, social media assets and example posts.


We’d love to shine a light on other clubs and community groups who are making an amazing difference to support food donation,  if you would like to share one of your stories with us, please email the team here.


Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy - everything you need to know

The Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy is a competition being played for the first time this summer.


It’s a special edition 50-over competition, played between the eight newly formed regions who make up the women’s elite domestic structure.


The eight regions will be split into two regionalised groups of four, with the two respective group winners progressing to play each other in a final. The venue for the final will be the home of the best-performing team in the group stages.

Fixture dates for the trophy will be announced tomorrow, alongside fixtures for the men’s Vitality Blast. For more information on teams, who's playing, fixtures and why it's been given its name, click here.


Coming up over the next few weeks

Following the update on the County Board call earlier this week, a reminder of some of the things for your radar over the coming weeks.


Volunteer Survey

Following CCB consultations with Rockcorps, we will be sharing a link to our Volunteer Survey next week. This provides a great opportunity to help shape the ECB response to the Volunteer strategy and we would greatly appreciate your support in completing the survey.


Cricket Playing Survey

As with previous years, we will be sharing the Cricket Playing Survey the week commencing 24 August. Given the challenges and changes in player behaviour during COVID-19, this year this survey will be more important than ever. It will look back on the height of the COVID-19 period and focus on the response to the return of cricket as well.

England & Wales Cricket Board, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, NW8 8QZ

ECB COVID-19 Update 20/7/2020
Jul 21, 2020, 7:05 pm
ECB Update - Covid-19


As the recreational game returns to play, the two ECB emergency funding schemes available to cricket clubs and leagues have undergone some changes to specifically help clubs re-open and get games of cricket on under new COVID-19 guidelines. 

Emergency Support Programmes for Clubs and Leagues

With many government funding sources concluding, ECB is extending the Return to Cricket Grant Scheme until December 2020.


The differential funding level between clubs with junior sections and adult only clubs and the recommended £15,000 turnover limit have been removed.


In addition, the Emergency Loan Scheme has increased the amounts that can be loaned and the scheme will be open indefinitely. The scheme may be particularly useful if clubs require support over the winter period and provides longer term sustainable support.


The League Emergency Loan Scheme supporting affiliated open-age and junior leagues during the COVID-19 crisis through the provision of interest-free loans remains unchanged and also remains open indefinitely.

Emergency Loan Scheme

The scheme aims to support affiliated Cricket Clubs during the COVID-19 crisis by providing funding to assist clubs to cover any shortfall in the preparation, essential day-to-day running and maintenance costs of facilities following the resumption of recreational cricket.



The key changes to the scheme are:

  • The amounts that clubs can apply for have increased to £50,000 for clubs with a junior section and £20,000 for adult only clubs.  
  • Eligible costs for the scheme now include adapting to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and pitch renovation costs to help get games of cricket on.



How do I apply?

A list of what the scheme will fund can be found here.


Before applying, it is highly recommended clubs read the Emergency Loan Scheme Guidance Notes.


Clubs apply by clicking here.


If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact the ECB Facilities Help Desk by emailing here.


Return to Cricket Grant Scheme

The scheme aims to support affiliated cricket clubs and leagues (open-age and junior) within England and Wales, during the COVID-19 crisis, by providing emergency grant funding to help cover any shortfall in the preparation, essential day-to-day running and maintenance costs of facilities following the resumption of recreational cricket.


Key changes to the scheme are:

  • The removal of the recommended turnover limit.
  • The removal of differentiation in grant level between clubs with junior sections and adult only clubs.
  • Clubs and leagues can now apply for a maximum grant award of £3,000.
  • Eligible costs for the scheme include adapting to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and pitch renovation costs as well as ongoing fixed/contracted costs.


How do I apply?

A list of the what the scheme will fund can be found here.


Before considering an application, it is highly recommended that clubs and leagues read the Return to Cricket Grant Scheme Guidance Notes to determine if they are eligible to apply.


Please contact your County Cricket Board for an Application Form.


If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact the ECB Facilities Help Desk by emailing here.

League Emergency Loan Scheme

Remains unchanged, the ECB League Emergency Loan Scheme aims to support affiliated cricket leagues (Open-Age and Junior leagues) during the COVID-19 crisis through the provision of interest-free loans up to £50,000.


How do I apply?

A list of what the scheme will fund can be found here


Before applying, it is highly recommended leagues read the League Emergency Loan Scheme Guidance Notes.


Leagues should apply by clicking here.


If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact the ECB Facilities Help Desk by emailing here.

England & Wales Cricket Board, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, NW8 8QZ

Inter Club game
Jul 18, 2020, 9:34 am

Saturday 18th July,

We have planned a game of mixed teams starting 1.30pm 30 overs, to get us ready for the league fixtures starting next week, as long as the fixtures are correct.

Big thank you to George Thornton who umpired for us.

It also gave us an chance to test out our COVID-19 Assessment in a game situation. 

Our Chairman gave a briefing to all members present on our COVID-19 Assessment and on what was expected of our members.

Marks Team v Midges Team

Midges team posted 124 with Tucker hitting 50 not out he retired to give another a chance to bat.

Marks guys with Colin Thornton retiring on 50 not out, the winning run was scored by young Owen with one ball  to spare, game played in a great spirt.


ECB COVID-19 Update 14/7/2020
Jul 18, 2020, 9:13 am
ECB Update - Covid-19

Following the first weekend of the return of recreational cricket and as we gear up to the second #raisethebat Test against the West Indies, there is a huge amount to update you on this week. 


We encourage you to take the time to read through all our items below. We've created a list of included topics to help you see quickly what this update includes.




  • Update of Return of Cricket Guidance
  • Welsh Guidance
  • All Stars Cricket Guidance
  • Return to Cricket FAQs
  • NatWest CricketForce
  • Cricket Tea-a-thon
  • Officials Guidance
  • Resource Hub sign-in information 
  • Red For Ruth
  • Share your return to cricket moments


Return to Cricket Guidance Update in England

We have made some amends to our Return to Cricket guidance, specifically around group sizes for junior cricket and nets training. Following a change to Government guidance, to support social distancing, junior cricket training sessions must be split into groups of up to 15 children (however full 11-a-side matches can occur if social distancing is maintained). Adjacent nets are now able to be used provided social distancing and COVID-19 mitigation steps are taken as outlined previously.



Please find the updated guidance for England here and the updated Before, During and After infographic for England here.

Return to Cricket Guidance in Wales

We are delighted that cricket is now able to return in Wales as well as England, subject to social distancing measures being observed. Please find links below to relevant documents to support Welsh clubs in their return to the game.



All Stars Cricket Guidance

All Stars Cricket

With the fantastic news from the UK Government that cricket can resume we are delighted that this also means that All Stars Cricket can take place in line with the ECB’s guidance on Return to Cricket Plan for Step 4Please click here for answers to some of the key questions that you may have regarding the return of All Stars Cricket.


We will also release an All Stars Cricket Activator Handbook to help Activators deal with the specifics relating to COVID-19 and how games and activity can be modified accordingly.


We will be sharing the update here with parents tomorrow.

Return to Cricket FAQs

Following the release of our guidance, we have been collating the most frequently asked questions from you via the Head of Regions. Please find here or below a collated list of all FAQs for England Guidance.


NatWest Cricket Force

Last week we shared details here of NatWest CricketForce 2020. We are hugely excited to let you know that the PPE equipment will be landing in clubs who signed up pre-March 2020 this week! These packs will include:


  • 25 x 200ml bottles of hand sanitiser
  • 4 x 750ml bottles of disinfectant
  • 4 packs of 50 facemasks
  • 100 wipes
  • 2 packs of 4 sets of gloves


Don't forget that clubs who hadn't originally signed up are still able to do so by clicking here.


For a full list of clubs who registered before March 2020 please click here. These clubs signed up to be part of NatWest CricketForce pre COVID-19 and therefore will receive their PPE equipment first.


We will share a list of new club sign ups next week.

Cricket Tea-a-thon this Friday

This Friday, during the second West Indies Test, we will be raising awareness of and helping tackle, food poverty in the UK through a Cricket Tea-A-Thon campaign in partnership with the Trussell Trust.


What do clubs need to do

  1. Whether at home watching, or at your local club playing, we encourage you and your colleagues to post a picture of your Cricket Tea using #CricketTea to help raise awareness.
  2. This week, and over the next few weeks, we encourage you to register as food collections points here. We've created some assets for you to use over your social channels download them here.
  3. Encourage your members to donate any food to either your club if you have signed up as a food collection point, or a Trussell Trust collection point. Members can find their nearest collection point here.



More information can be found here and if you have questions please contact us by emailing here.

Officials Guidance for the Return to Cricket

As well as our main guidance for the return to cricket, we have also created specific guidance for officials. Details can be found via the links below.


Resource Hub sign-in information 

We have noticed many of you downloading assets from the ECB Resource Hub recently which has been fantastic. We have also seen a number of you try to register / sign-in as you try and navigate the pages for additional assets. Apologies that this has caused confusion. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing an upgrade to the system where you will be able to register and we will grant access, giving you the ability to access a range of additional functionalities including the ability to edit assets.


However, until then, please find below direct links to a number of collections that we have shared with you recently. You do not need to sign in to access these assets.


Turn your club red and win a visit from Andrew Strauss 

The Ruth Strauss Foundation is calling on everyone to help turn cricket red while watching The Ruth Strauss Foundation Test - England v West Indies at Emirates Old Trafford, 24-28 July.


This year RSF has organised a challenge for all recreational clubs! Clubs who go REALLY RED and tag #RedforRuth and @Ruthstraussfdn on twitter, will have the chance to be featured on Sky Sports during The Ruth Strauss Foundation Test Match. The winner – picked by Sir Andrew Strauss LIVE on Sky Sports – will receive a visit from the man himself and RSF celebrity ambassadors for a bit of coaching, drinks and a Q&A at the club.


We'd encourage clubs to share the news across your channels get involved, purchase the official RSF red t-shirts and help us turn cricket #RedforRuth on Saturday 25 July.


For more information on the RSF club challenge with useful messages and images, please click here.


To Shop #RedForRuth click here. Please remember to purchase merchandise before Sunday 19 July in order to receive it in time for the Test match.



The Ruth Strauss Foundation will offer a discount for larger orders of official #RedForRuth products to clubs who go REALLY red. Contact Sarah here if you’d like to discuss an order of 20+ items, orders must be received by 19 July.

Share your return to cricket moments with us

Over the past four months, there have been so many people who have not only kept us safe and protected within their 'normal' jobs, but have gone above and beyond to keep clubs running and support the return of cricket. We raise our bats to all of you and would encourage you to use the #raisethebat to recognise all those that have made this possible. Download an asset to use here, and share your photos, videos or stories of your return to cricket using the #raisethebat.

England & Wales Cricket Board, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, NW8 8QZ

Jul 10, 2020, 8:51 pm

Supporting clubs in their return to cricket

NWCF - Cricket is back


Recreational cricket is back and we are now delighted to share with you our new plans for NatWest CricketForce 2020! It's been an extraordinary summer and clubs, volunteers and cricketers around the country have shown incredible patience and support as we all work to get back to the game we love. 


Just like previous years, NatWest CricketForce is all about working towards a common goal but whilst the weather has been our main barrier in the past, this year we've got social distancing to contend with! As a result, NatWest CricketForce will look a bit different this year as we and NatWest support you in your return to cricket, and celebrate the moment when we can all come together as a community.


We noticed that you didn't register for NatWest CricketForce earlier this year, but if you would like to take part now, you can register here.


NatWest CricketForce will take on three parts this year.










1. If you sign up to NatWest CricketForce here, you'll receive a safety package filled with hygiene and cleaning equipment including face-masks, hand gel, disinfectant spray, disposable gloves and disinfectant wipes to help ensure your facilities are ready for the weeks and months ahead.


2. All clubs will receive weekly communication from us providing hints, tips, links to fundraising initiatives, NatWest financial advice and how-to guides on the best way to get cricket played again this summer. We'll also be profiling stories from clubs across the county on how they've celebrated the return of cricket so we want to hear from you! Share your stories on social media to be in with a chance of winning signed merchandise, sent directly to your club.


3. As and when the UK Government advises us that it is safe to do so, we want to enable you to host a weekend in bringing the community together, reflecting and celebrating on this extraordinary season, and looking ahead to 2021. We'll share more details of this when we're able.



And keep an eye out for our weekly communication providing tips, links to fundraising initiatives, NatWest financial advice and how-to guides on the best way to get cricket played again this summer.


The ECB and NatWest can't wait to celebrate the return of cricket with you and support you throughout the rest of the summer. 


The England and Wales Cricket Board, Lord's Cricket Ground, London, NW8 8QZ

ECB COVID-19 Stage 4 Plan
Jul 9, 2020, 9:14 am

JULY 2020

Adaptations for all outdoor cricket activity, applicable to players, spectators, volunteers, clubs, coaches & officials in Step 4 of the ECB Return to Cricket Roadmap

This plan provides measures that should be taken by players, clubs, officials, volunteers, coaches, and spectators before, during and after all outdoor cricket activity as well as specific advice relating to clubs, coaches, match-play, and children’s activity. It should be read in conjunction with the latest UK Government guidance and the ECB’s guidance on Getting your Clubhouse and Ground Ready for Step 4 here.

For all activity, the relevant UK Government social distancing guidance should be adhered to at all times (including throughout warm-ups) except in the following limited circumstances during competitive play in England only where social distancing of 1m+ is permitted: 1) wicket keepers standing up to the stumps and 2) distance between slip fielders. In England social distancing, guidance can be found here and in Wales social distancing guidance can be found here.

This document refers to current UK Government guidance for England only and is subject to change in response to the current COVID-19 Alert Level, community prevalence of COVID-19 and/or to reflect additional or updated UK Government guidance. Players living in Wales intending to play in England should familiarise themselves with this guidance.

Prior to all cricket activity
• All participants (players, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators) should check for symptoms of COVID-19. In line with current UK Government Guidance, if an individual is symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection they should remain at home and follow UK Government guidance. In addition, any participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because they are a contact of a known COVID-19 case, must not exercise outside their home or garden and must not exercise with others.
• Participants should follow UK Government guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 (found here) if it applies to them.
• Participants should comply with all public health restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour outside the sports setting to reduce the risk to their fellow participants when they do attend a cricket club or venue.
• Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after cricket activity.
• Participants should bring their own hand sanitiser where possible and maintain strict and frequent hand hygiene measures at all times.
• Participants should follow UK Government guidance on best practice for travel, including minimising the use of public transport and limiting car sharing (found here).
• Use of the clubhouse, changing rooms and toilets should adhere to the latest UK Government guidance.
• For advice on reducing the risk of infection when outside your home see here.
• Club representatives should ensure that the facility is compliant with current UK Government legislation including legislation and guidance related to COVID-19. A risk assessment should have been completed and risk mitigation measures put in place and monitored in accordance with the ECB’s guidance on Getting your Clubhouse and Ground Ready for Step 4.
• Club representatives should make all participants aware of expected social distancing and hygiene measures during play and whilst on site.
• Clubs should strictly limit the time spent congregating at a venue before activity begins. Meet-up times should reflect this. Participants should arrive changed and ready to begin the warm-up, if possible.
• Club representatives should make all participants aware of the increase in transmission risk associated with partaking in even socially distanced group activity and should ensure that all participants are clear that they are opting to participate in cricket activity.
• For advice on reducing the risk of infection when outside your home, see here.

During all cricket activity
• Cricket activity must take place outdoors only.
• 11-a-side cricket can return as long as groups are limited to a maximum of 30 participants, including coaches and officials.
• Participants should enter the site and prepare their personal equipment whilst maintaining social distancing.
• Where possible players should limit sharing of equipment. If they do, they must practise strict hand hygiene before and after use and the equipment must be cleaned before use by another person. More information is available here.
• No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time.
• All participants should sanitise their hands prior to the start of the activity.
• Hand sanitiser should be used at all breaks in activity and prior to consuming any food or drinks.
• Players should refrain from spitting or rinsing out their mouths.
• In line with current UK Government guidance, clubs should not prepare food for participants. Individuals should bring their own food and drink for ‘teas’ or practice. Water bottles or other refreshment containers should not be shared.

After all cricket activity
• All participants should sanitise their hands after the completion of activity.
• Participants should exit whilst maintaining social distancing.
• Social gathering after the activity will be allowed in line with current UK Government guidelines on hospitality and social distancing must be maintained. ECB guidance is available here.
• One club representative/volunteer should be responsible for collecting and disinfecting any shared equipment.
• Regular cleaning of equipment and the facility should take place, particularly between one group finishing, and the next group starting.
• Clubs should encourage all participants to report any infection of their household to the NHS Test and Trace system following use of the facility to limit the spread of the virus (section 3):

Additional Advice for Clubs & Club Representatives
Preparation of the cricket venue
• Prior to reaching Step 4 of the ECB Roadmap and subsequently re-opening, club representatives should ensure that their facility is compliant with current UK Government legislation including legislation and guidance related to COVID-19, and in accordance to the ECB’s guidance on Getting your Clubhouse and Ground Ready for Step 4 here. A risk assessment should have been completed and risk mitigation measures put in place and monitored.
• On any day of the activity, club representatives and volunteers should ensure that all COVID-19 measures are in place according to the club operating and safety plans, whilst maintaining social distancing – developing your own ‘opening up checklist’ is helpful for this. This should include:
o Set-up of public health operating procedures and access signage.
o Set-up of cricket facility including all ground safety requirements.
• The duty of care which the club already owed remains and therefore other matters such as First Aid must continue to be provided. First Aid equipment (including AEDs where available) and suitable PPE for First Aid must be made available. Advice on First Aid during the COVID pandemic is available from St John Ambulance.
• Clubs should make hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser available for all site users.
• Clubs must have entry and exit, and parking arrangements to venues that ensures social distancing can be maintained and implement traffic flow systems where possible and appropriate.
• Clubs must outline socially distanced areas for teams, officials, and spectators.
• Clubs must ensure that all accessible provision within the site and the facility are available.
• Clubs and groundskeepers should mark running lines on the square in line with the popping crease at 2m intervals on either side of the wicket.
Clubs should support NHS Test and Trace efforts by keeping a temporary record of all participants in any cricket activity for 21 days and support NHS requests for data if needed. For the latest information in relation to NHS Test and Trace and what your club needs to do in relation to this, please click here.
Many clubs already have systems for recording their participants, however, if you do not already do this, please ensure that you do so in line with data protection legislation.
Additional advice for socially distanced match-play
• Players should adhere to UK Government social distancing guidance at all times (including throughout warm-ups) except in the following limited circumstances during competitive play in England only, where 1m+ is permitted: 1) wicket keepers standing up to the stumps and 2) distance between slip fielders.
• No sweat or saliva to be applied to the ball at any time.
• A ‘hygiene break’ should take place every six overs or every 20 minutes, whichever is sooner, in which the ball is cleaned with an anti-bacterial wipe (conforming to BS EN 14476) and all participants’ hands are cleaned using a suitable sanitiser. This routine should also be followed at the start of any drinks break or the close of an innings. The responsibility for sanitising the ball during the match will lie with the fielding captain, not the umpire.
• Batters to sanitise their bat when leaving the field of play and Wicket Keepers should sanitise their gloves.
• Bowlers should not hand any personal items to the umpire. Bowlers should place these items at the boundary themselves.
• Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they are not within 2m of the bowler or other batter. Lines to be marked on the square on either side of the wicket.
• If two scorers are required, social distancing must be maintained with only one official inside the scorers’ box and no players to be allowed in the scorers’ box. The scorers’ box should be well ventilated.
• Communal scorebooks passed from one player to another should be avoided.
• Social distancing must always be maintained including during post-wicket celebrations, drinks breaks and tactical discussions.
• Minimise sharing of the ball in a match by limiting contact as the ball makes its way back to the bowler e.g. ball goes straight from wicketkeeper to bowler instead of around surrounding fielders.
• Spectators should remain socially distanced at all times and refrain from all contact with the ball e.g. returning it to the field of play. Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete six person gathering limits and spread out, in line with wider UK Government guidance.
• Umpires should refrain from any contact with the ball, it can be returned to the base of the stumps at breaks and wickets.
• Umpires should be responsible for the stumps closest to them and should be the only person replacing the bails if dislodged.
• Use of the clubhouse, changing rooms and toilets should adhere to the latest Government advice and be prepared in accordance with the ECB’s guidance on Getting your Clubhouse and Ground Ready for Step 4.
• Detailed guidance relating to officials will be released in due course by the Association of Cricket Officials (ACO), including appropriate sanctions for participants not adhering to COVID-19 guidance, including but not limited to, player ejection and match cancellation.

Advice for Special Occurrences e.g. rain
• In the event of rain, participants should return to their own vehicle to maintain social distancing if there is insufficient outdoor cover from the rain to maintain social distancing.
• Application of covers in the event of wet weather should be done whilst maintaining social distancing.

Additional Advice for Children’s Activity
• For children, maximum groups sizes of 30 should include one qualified coach or All Stars Cricket Activator per group plus additional adult(s) required to meet cricket safeguarding ratios (1:8 aged 8 and under, 1:10 aged 9 and over). All groups are to be self-sufficient e.g. a coach cannot oversee two separate groups.
• Parents should drop off and collect participants via a protocol that maintains social distancing.
• Parents should remain socially distanced on the side-line.
• For younger age groups, plastic equipment should be used and should be disinfected at the end of each session.
• Example junior cricket activity can be found at here, for ECB National Participation Programmes, e.g. All Stars Cricket, the ECB will provide recommended activities to minimise close contact between participants and minimise the sharing of equipment, whilst still creating a fun and creative learning environment.
• It is recommended that participants take part in solo activity, before moving to pairs activity that maintains social distancing and allows participants to operate in the same pair for the length of the session.

Additional advice for training & other activity
• Where participants cannot provide their own individual equipment, we recommend numbering cricket equipment such as balls, so that each participant has a specific numbered ball and/or cone and uses that for the entirety of the session to minimise sharing of equipment where possible.
• If bowling machines are used, they should be cleaned thoroughly between uses with dry cleaning products and all balls should be cleaned with disinfectant. This is the responsibility of the bowling machine operator.

Additional Advice for Coaches
These measures cannot cover every eventuality and coaches must conduct a risk assessment, ensuring appropriate measures are put in place to keep participants and coaches safe.
Playing and coaching cricket in itself carries some degree of risk and whilst being mindful of the guidelines regarding COVID-19, coaches should not lose sight of the normal safety rules or safeguarding standards relating to playing and coaching cricket which continue to apply and must be complied with (DBS, safeguarding, First Aid etc).
• Coaches should make themselves aware of and abide by, all guidelines set out by the UK Government, the venue and ECB regarding use of facilities.
• It is the coach's responsibility to ensure that they coach players in a safe environment and follow relevant guidelines.
• Coach should explain the safety guidelines of what is expected pre, during and post session including what the player is expected to do to maintain compliance with social distancing guidelines and all other health and safety guidelines.

 Cricket Club Ground Address
Ashington Rugby Club
Ellington Road
NE63 8TP
 Club on Twitter
You can find us @ashrugcc
 Main Sponsor for 2020
K Plastics is a local Ashington based company which offers all kinds of UPVC products from trims to sealants and cladding you can find the new unit/shop which is on the Jubilee Industrial Estate. We urge our members if you need any kind of plastic product pop along and see Chris and let him know where you are from and he will offer a discount.
Many thanks to Chris for his support, for last 9 seasons and this season coming.

Fantasy Cricket

No Fantasy Club Cricket in 2020 due to COVID-19.

See what happened in the Fantasy Club Cricket for the 2019 season.

Club Clothing

Club clothing is provided by Kits for All (Planet Trophies) contact Richard at to order one off items as required or phone him on 0191 2680000

Personal Accident Insurance 

Your club recommends that all members consider signing up to their own Personal Accident Insurance.  Whilst serious injuries are thankfully very rare, however it is a possibility and members should consider taking such a policy out. 

Your club does not have personal accident insurance for its members.

If you are self-employed or do not benefit from a workplace sickness scheme with sickness pay you should consider this type of insurance especially if you are not fit enough to attend work, please ensure that any personal accident/sickness insurance you consider covers you playing club cricket. 

Function Room

The new extension provides a fantastic Function Room at Ashington Rugby Club, can sit 160 to 180, available for all types of parties and events, ring 01670 814123 for further information. Call Tuesday or Thursday between 7 and 9pm or Saturday between 1pm and 9pm or Sunday between 12 and 1.30pm. Or alternatively leave a message via our contact tab down the left hand side of this page. 

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 Club Events 2020
* Due to the Coronavirus all cricket in 2020 is suspended until further notice.

* Cricket nets at Bede School Blyth on Wednesday's 19/2/2020, 26/2/2020, 4/3/2020,11/3/2020, and 18/3/2020 start 7pm finishes at 8pm.

* NTC League starts 18/4/2020

* NTCL Annual Presentation Event at Newcastle racecourse 24/10/2020 Charles Dagnall the former first class cricketer and currently a Sky Sports commentator is the guest speaker.

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