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Sunday June 26 2022 
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All Stars Cricket 2019
Jan 31, 2019, 10:07 pm

Due to a few factors we have changed our day from a Tuesday to a Sunday;

We are looking to work a lot closer with the Rugby club juniors in the hope to get some of their kids to attend our cricket session. They have the rugby training on a Sunday morning from 10:30am till 11:30am and the last day for rugby is 5th May 2019, so we have booked our All Stars to start on 12th May the same time 10:30am till 11:30 the last session being 30th June.

We are also looking to have All Stars 5 to 8 year olds and our own Junior All Stars 9 to 11. This is because we have a number of kids who are now 9 and they want to continue.

2nd Team Division 6 Big Bash Draw and Rules
Jan 25, 2019, 8:17 pm

 Division 6 (South) T20 Big Bash


22nd June


GEMS 2s v Corbridge 2s

Group 1

Riding Mill v Kirkley 2s

Group 1

Civil Service 2s v Newcastle 3s

Group 2

Monkseaton 2s v Bomarsund 2s

Group 3

Blyth 2s v Ashington Rugby 2s

Gr’p 2/3


29th June


Corbridge 2s v Riding Mill

Group 1

Kirkley 2s v GEMS 2s

Group 1

Blyth 2s v Civil Service 2s

Group 2

Bomarsund 2s v Ashington Rugby 2s

Group 3

Newcastle 3s v Monkseaton

Gr’p 2/3


7th September


Riding Mill v GEMS 2s

Group 1

Kirkley 2s v Corbridge 2s

Group 1

Newcastle 3s v Blyth 2s

Group 2

Ashington Rugby 2s v Monkseaton 2s

Group 3

Bomarsund 2s v Civil Service 2s

Gr’p 2/3


14th September


Finals Day


Venue to be decided.




First Semi at 11.30 (16 overs per side) 

Second Semi at 14.15 (16 overs per side) 

Final at 16:45 (16 overs per side) 


The league will fund the food etc for finals day.


Big Bash Competition Rules


1. The League Secretary is the single point of contact in all matters relating to Big Bash competitions.


2. The Big Bash structure is:


a. There will be 3 groups at the qualifying stage.


b. The group of 4 teams will have the top 2 teams qualify for finals day, the 2 groups of 3 will have the winners qualify for finals day.


c. Group matches will be played over 20 overs, finals day will be played over 16 overs.


3. a) Group match winners will receive 4 points for the win and losers 0 points. Incomplete matches or matches lost due to weather, both teams will receive 1 point.


b) All results will be submitted electronically by the home team using the system provided by the League within forty-eight hours of the completion of any match, the away team must electronically agree this submission within a further 24 hours of the completion of the match.


4. In the event of a tied match the side losing the least wickets will be declared the winner. If both sides are still equal, the side scoring the most runs after 10 overs will be declared the winner. If both sides are still equal the side losing the least wickets at the completion of 10 overs will be declared the winner.


5. Match reports of cancellations through bad weather, shall be made to the League Secretary and the press on the day of the fixture.


6. The following shall apply for no balls, wides and number of overs per bowler:


a) No Balls: The No Ball rule of the Laws of Cricket (2017) shall apply except that underarm bowling will expressly not be permitted.


b) A “Free hit” will be allowed for each “no ball” called for a front foot infringement by a bowler. Field changes are not permitted for ‘free hit’ deliveries unless there is a change of striker. If the delivery for the “Free Hit” is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no-ball or a wide ball), then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it.


c) Wides: Umpires are instructed to apply a very strict and consistent interpretation of Law 25.1 in order to prevent negative bowling. As a guide, if the ball passes either side of the wicket sufficiently wide to make it virtually impossible for the striker to play a “normal” cricket stroke from where he is standing and from where he should normally be standing at the crease the umpire shall call “wide”.


d) Each team must bowl a minimum of 4 bowlers. No bowler may bowl more than 25% of the agreed overs.


e) Umpires will be paid the fee agreed by the Executive plus travelling expenses.


f) All Group matches will commence at 2pm. In the event of a game not starting by 2:15pm the non-defaulting club to have choice of innings. In all matches the team must be completed by the tenth over – after that a player can only participate as a substitute fielder. Players who arrive late but within the 10 over period shall be permitted to bowl immediately.


g) At the instant of a delivery a maximum of 5 fielders may be outside an area bounded by two semi-circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. In the event of an infringement, either umpire shall call no-ball. The fielding circle should be marked by painted by white dots at five-yard intervals, each dot may be covered by a plastic or rubber (not metal) disc measuring 7 inches in diameter.


h) Fielding sides must complete 20 overs in 75 minutes. Each complete over not started after 75 minutes will be deducted from the innings of the side batting second. In the case of the team fielding second, 6 runs per over will be added to the side batting’s total for each complete over not started after 75 minutes.


i) At the fall of a wicket the incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or for his partner to face the next ball within 1 minute. If this requirement is not met the incoming batsman, on appeal, will be out “Timed out”.





2019 All Stars
Jan 21, 2019, 8:59 pm

Club has signed up again for the All Stars cricket we hope to see more young children taking part again this year. 

We are working with the Rugby Club in hope that we can get some our their juniors to take part in the sessions this year.

Jan 10, 2019, 9:06 pm

As a club if we want to develop juniors we need more coaches to do this.

The club is willing to pay for members to do their coaching badges, if you are interested please conatct outr chairman ASAP.

Jan 9, 2019, 7:53 pm






Managed Migration - an update







As part of our continuing correspondence with you on the subject of Managed Migration, the most recent communication was on 09 October 2018, I am able to advise you of the latest position. 


On 11 December the Home Office published its 'Statement of Changes' to the Immigration Rules. A link to the document below.







This policy will come into effect from 10 January 2019, and will affect all visas applied for and issued after that date. Those issued prior will need to adhere to the immigration policy that was in place at time of issue.


The headline changes are that the Professional Sportsperson definition has been amended regarding the introduction of time lapse provisions. To see the full definition please see page 4 & 5 of the 'Statement of Changes' document.


In brief, a person can revert to “amateur”,  if they have not:  


  • Been registered to a Professional or Semi Professional team, including an academy and development age groups, within the last 4 years.
  • Represented a Nation or National team, including all youth and development age groups from U17 upwards, within the last two years.
  • Engaged an agent or representative with the aim of finding opportunities as a sportsperson, and/or developing a current or future career as a sportsperson, within the last 12 months.
  • Received payment, including payment in kind for playing or coaching that is covering all, or the majority of their costs for travelling to, and living in the UK, or who has not done so within the last 4 years.


An addition to the definition is to include those who have an established International reputation in their chose field of sport. For example, those who only play T20 in the Big Bash & IPL and who do not play any other type of cricket. Will be classified as a Professional Sportsperson.


The Governing Body Endorsement criteria for the player/coach or coach only for the 2019 season is now on-line and found here.



The ECB is not registered to give advice on immigration. Information on aspects of immigration policy and law can be found on the Home Office website.


It is essential for clubs to comply with the published Visa policy and clubs receiving non-EEA migrants must abide by these rules.


The policy is written for all sports. It is not cricket specific.


A professional/semi-professional outfit in cricket is a team that has first-class status even if the matches in which the individual plays are not classified as first-class. Including U17 and above and Academy matches.


An updated Overview document can be downloaded here.


If you have any questions on the above, click here to email.

Yours sincerely,




Paul Bedford

National Participation Manager (Leagues and Competitions)


2019 Fixtures
Jan 1, 2019, 8:23 pm

We have just received our league fixtures for the 1st & 2nd teams, below is our first 5 games.

Our chairman will compile the normal fixture sheet for our 1st, 2nd and midweek teams and cup draws when all the fixtures are provided by our league. 


1st Team

2nd Team

20th April

Home v Benwell & Walbottle

Away v Civil Service

27th April

Away v Whickham

Home v Kirkley

4th May

Home v Whitley Bay

Away v Blyth

11th May

Home v Bomarsund

Away v GEMS

18th May

Away v Corbridge

Home v Bomarsund

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Dec 25, 2018, 7:30 pm

Our club would like to wish all of its members, family, friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Changes to North & South Divisions
Dec 13, 2018, 8:59 pm

Division 6 North & South Divisions


Division 6 (North)                                                                                                            Division 6 (South)


Alnmouth/Howick                                                                                                           Ashington Rugby 2s

Berwick 2s                                                                                                                           Blyth 2s

Embleton                                                                                                                            Bomarsund 2s

Rock                                                                                                                                      Civil Service 2s

Stobswood 2s                                                                                                                    Corbridge 2s

Ulgham                2s                                                                                                            Kirkley 2s

Warkworth 2s                                                                                                                    Monkseaton 2s

Wooler                                                                                                                                 Newcastle 3s

                                                                                                                                              Riding Mill

                                                                                                                                              GEMS 2s (provisional)

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