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All Stars Cricket
Jan 31, 2018, 9:08 pm

Our club has signed up to the All Stars program this season and we are really looking forward to seeing young children using our facilities.

We have a number of playing members along with our coaches who want to become activators to help run the 8 week program.

With the help from the Northumberland Cricket Board we will be hosting a free taster session on Tuesday 1st May starting at 6pm till 7pm.

Our 8 week program then starts Tuesday 15th May starting at 6pm till 7pm running up to and including 3rd July.

By registering for All Stars Cricket, the children will be guaranteed eight weeks of jam packed fun, activity and skills development.

The programme is suitable for all children aged 5 to 8, new to cricket and sport as the sessions are designed to teach the basic skills of the game. Every child will earn stars as the weeks progress that match the skills learned during the programme:  

  • Batting – hitting a moving ball
  • Throwing – underarm and overarm
  • Catching – small and large balls
  • Bowling – overarm
  • Running – lots of movement
  • Teamwork – fun games with friends
  • Communication – the basics of cricket
  • Spirit of Cricket – how to respect others

First Net
Jan 30, 2018, 9:01 pm

29th January saw our members rock up to the Bede School in Blyth for our first indoor net to blow away the cob webs. Not a bad turnout for the first one.

Just wonder how many are sore on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially the old guard.

Club signs up to All Stars Cricket 2018
Jan 24, 2018, 8:04 pm

Our club has signed up to take part in the All Stars Cricket, some provisional dates below, more information to follow;

All Stars Cricket - Activator Courses


Monday 5th March - Ashington Leisure Centre, 6-8pm


Taster Session


Tuesday 1st May - Ashington Rugby Cricket Club 6-7pm


Planned All Stars Cricket - Start


Tuesday 15th May - Ashington Rugby Cricket Club 6-7pm

Officials for the 2018 season
Jan 24, 2018, 7:44 pm

Following on from our AGM on the 21st January the following members have taken up officer roles at our club;

Chairman - Paul Milburn

Secretary - Stephen Henderson

Treasurer - Paul Milburn

Club Welfare Officers - Tom More & Paul Milburn

Committee Members - Trevor Elliott, David Wanless, Cory Milburn, Adam Peacock, Stuart Rosser.

1st Team Captain - Adam Peacock

1st Team Vice Captain - David Dent

2nd Team Captain - Stuart Rosser

2nd Team Vice Captain - Tom More

Midweek Captain - Matthew Tanney

Midweek Vice Captain - Michael Adamson   

2018 Fixtures 1st & 2nds only
Jan 16, 2018, 11:13 pm

1st and 2nd Team fixtures still waiting for midweek league and cup fixtures.


1st Team

2nd Team


Berwick v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Berwick 2s


Ashington Rugby v Whitley Bay

Wooler v Ashington Rugby 2s


Whickham v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Kirkley


Ashington Rugby v Benwell & Walbottle

Embleton v Ashington Rugby 2s


Blagdon v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Ulgham 2s


Ashington Rugby v GEMS

Rock v Ashington Rugby 2s


Blue Flames v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Monkseaton


Ashington Rugby v Warkworth

Warkworth 2s v Ashington Rugby 2s


Backworth v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Alnmouth/Howick


Corbridge v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s Free Week


Ashington Rugby v Bomarsund

Stobswood 2s v Ashington Rugby 2s


Ashington Rugby v Berwick

Berwick 2s v Ashington Rugby 2s


Whitley Bay v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Wooler


Ashington Rugby v Whickham

Kirkley v Ashington Rugby 2s


Benwell & Walbottle v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Embleton


Ashington Rugby v Blagdon

Ulgham v Ashington Rugby 2s


GEMS v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Rock


Ashington Rugby v Blue Flames

Monkseaton v Ashington Rugby 2s


Warkworth v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Warkworth 2s


Ashington Rugby v Backworth

Alnmouth/Howick v Ashington Rugby 2s


Ashington Rugby v Corbridge

Ashington Rugby 2s Free Week


Bomarsund v Ashington Rugby

Ashington Rugby 2s v Stobswood 2s

Sad News - Bill Lockey
Jan 5, 2018, 8:39 pm


It is with great sadness that we have just learnt of the death of Bill Lockey.  Bill was a great friend to our club; he offered us friendship, support and advice, he umpired friendlies for us the most recent was against one of his former clubs Seaton Burn in April 2017.


Bill made an outstanding contribution to cricket in the region as a player, umpire and cricket official.  He also played for Bates Cottages CC.


He umpired in both the Northumberland League and the Northumberland & Tyneside Senior League.  He served as a club officer and an esteemed member of the Northumberland Cricket League Committee for a number of years and at the time of his death was a Life Member of the League.


He will be greatly missed and Ashington Rugby Cricket Club members offers its condolences to his family and friends.


2018 AGM
Dec 27, 2017, 8:10 pm

Our Annual General meeting (AGM) has be booked for Sunday 21st January with a 6pm start and will be held in the Rugby Club function room.

Members are urged to try to attend to have your say how you want your club run.

Fixtures should be available at the AGM for the new league.

If you would like to bring anything up and you cannot attend the AGM contact your chairman.  

Check out the latest Home Office Immigration Rules for Cricket Overview as of 30/11/2017
Dec 11, 2017, 7:25 pm

The following table is provided as general overview only. The ECB are not registered immigration officials therefore if you require specific immigration guidance you will need to contact UK Visas and Immigration. 

Clubs wishing to use the services of a player who is not on a Tier 5 Creative & Sporting (Non FCC) visa, must ensure that the visa allows them to play and/or coach.

 Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.48.42


Supplementary Employment 

An additional job in the same profession and at the same professional level as the work for which your Certificate of Sponsorship was assigned; and No more than 20 hours per week; and Outside of the normal working hours for which your Certificate of Sponsorship was assigned. In addition, you must continue to work for your sponsor in the job recorded on your Certificate of Sponsorship.

"Professional Sportsperson"

The term "Professional Sportsperson" is defined by the Rules as someone, whether paid or unpaid, who:

"is providing services as a sportsperson, playing or coaching in any capacity, at a professional or semi-professional level of sport; or

"being a person who currently derives, who has in the past derived or seeks in the future to derive, a living from playing or coaching, is providing services as a sports person or coach at any level of sport, unless they are doing so as an "Amateur"."

The Home Office has advised that it would consider that the following are likely to be included in the definition of "Professional Sportsperson":

* players who have played for professional or semi-professional clubs at junior levels, which may include under 19s teams, whether they were paid or not;

* coaches of junior teams of professional or semi-professional clubs, whether they were paid or not;

* former professional sportspeople who have formally reverted to amateur status according to the rules of their sport; and

* players who have played representative sport for their state, country, or territory, whether they were paid or not.

"Amateur Sportsperson"

A person who engages in a sport or creative activity solely for the personal enjoyment and who is not seeking to derive a living from the activity. This also includes a person playing or coaching in a charity game.

"Seeking to derive a living"

A person may be considered to be seeking to derive a living if they are part of a Player Pathway.

"Player Pathway"

Player “Pathway” definition: A player may be considered to be on a “Pathway” and therefore classified as a “Professional Sportsperson”, if that person has played cricket above U17 at state / province / territory level (paid or unpaid) in any country.

"Reasonable expenses"

What is considered reasonable will be based on the cost in the geographical location of where the person is living - Reimbursement of airfare, board & lodgings.

The Home Office definition for "Payment" of "reasonable expenses" for a player travelling on a Standard Visitor Visa (SVV) is stated as follows:

"The applicant must not receive payment from a UK source for any activities undertaken in the UK, except for the following:

(a) reasonable expenses to cover the cost of their travel and subsistence.

(Refer to the Immigration Rules Appendix V: visitor rules under Clause V4.7(a))

If you have any questions on the above, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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