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Thursday January 28 2021 
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Club house extension
Apr 1, 2016, 8:34 pm


Ashington Rugby Club are now ready to start build a large extension to the clubs function room, right up to the telephone mast fence. The work in the background has been ongoing now for 9 months or more, looking for funding to deliver this exciting project.

The extension will be approx. 120sq metres, this will give the club a new dance floor and a function room seating capacity for over 170 people, this will give the club greater opportunities to host parties and dinners, which will bring in additional income to support the club who invest heavily in the playing facilities and changing rooms. The club is also investing in a disabled toilet, the community and its users will benefit from this venture, the facility users are;

  1. Ashington Joint Welfare Rugby Football Club
  2. Ashington Rugby Cricket Club.
  3. Ellington Juniors Football Club.
  4. Green Lane Able Bodied and Disable Bodied Archery Club.
  5. Northumberland Lightning American Football Club.
  6. Northumberland Veterans Motor Cycle Club.

Ashington Rugby Club have set up a "Buy a Brick" fundraising event, bricks are being sold a various prices ranging from £25 Silver brick, £50 Gold brick and £100 Platinum brick, for this members can have their name inserted into a brick which will be mounted on a board just like the honours boards they have on an internal club house wall.

Should our Cricket club support the Rugby Club by purchasing a £100 brick and have our clubs name inserted into a brick, It would be a nice gesture, and we would have our name on the board for every more. We have set up a poll which can be found down the right hand side of our web site, members please have a vote.

Cricket Force Weekend
Apr 1, 2016, 8:07 pm

Members are asked to come along and support your club, prepare for the new season only 3 weeks away, jobs to be done are as follows;

  1. Skim the new plasterboards on the kitchen ceiling following our recent burst pipe, (celing is already boarded).
  2. Repair damaged kitchen light fittings.
  3. Assemble our mobile covers
  4. Assemble our sight screens and push out onto the field (frames have already been glossed).
  5. Repair our practice cage.
  6. Refit practice cage netting.
  7. Clean the score box internally and wash down the external face.
  8. Remove all the crockery from our kitchen cupboards and wash all items.
  9. Wash the inside of all kitchen cupboards.
  10. Clean the tea room carpet.
  11. Wash down the tea room tables.
  12. And any other jobs which come about during the day.

All the Chairman is asking is a few hours of the member's time on Saturday morning, the more we have the easier it will be "More hands make light work" as they say.

Remember it is your club all those who turn up will be given a Cricket Force T Shirt.

Club Successful with EWCT Small Grant Scheme
Apr 1, 2016, 7:55 pm


We have been awarded an England and Wales Cricket Trust Grant Scheme, towards;

1. 2 number 78ft x 13ft side sheets for our mobile covers with retro attachment kit.

2. 2 county bowlers run up covers 30ft x 15ft.

3. Mk3 Bowdry water removal machine with additional replacement foam pack.

4. 100 metres of hoses for our mobile covers.

We are very grateful for the support of this grant, this will support our club to get more game played in adverse weather conditions. As a club we only have to put 11% of the overall cost toward all of the listed items above.

Club Clothing
Feb 28, 2016, 9:09 am

We will be placing a bulk order for our clothing soon to make sure we have our clothes in time for the new season our Chairman needs the order forms along with the money, the deadline for members is Wednesday 23rd March.

Please don't wait till this date try to get the forms and money in ASAP.

No nets Wednesday 17th February
Feb 16, 2016, 8:15 pm

Due to school holidays the nets are not  available on 17th February.

Can we make an effort to attend in the next few weeks as the attendances has dropped off and we have not had enough attending in the past 2 weeks to cover the costs. 

Club AGM
Jan 30, 2016, 11:15 am

Tuesday 26th January saw a good turn out at our clubs AGM as normal, only 1 change to our committee Michael Adamson stood down.


Chairman - Paul Milburn

Secretary - Steven Henderson

Treasurer - Paul Milburn

Child Welfare Officer - Trevor Elliott

Committee - David Wanless Snr, David Wanless Jnr, Dean Greaves, Cory Milburn & Ryan Pringle

Playing Officials;

1st Team Captain - Chris Harwood

1st Team Vice Captain - Cory Milburn

2nd Team Captain - Ryan Pringle

2nd Team Vice Captain - Jonny Richards

Midweek Captain - Cory Milburn

Midweek Vice Captain - Jay Little

OH NO - Leak in Kitchen
Jan 22, 2016, 8:09 pm


We found a leak from a burst pipe in the ceiling void above our kitchen on Thursday morning, ceiling is badly damaged will need to come down and be replaced, light fitting is broken and will need either replacing or repairing if at all possible, fluorescent light fitting back fixing has broken away from the fitting.

Believe it or not we only found the leak as we had roofers in repairing our ridge tiles on the changing room roof which the tea room/kitchen is part of as they were loose and raining in, the roofers were looking for a nice area to have their tea/lunch in.

If it not one thing it’s another.

A few jobs which could be part of our cricket force day.

AGM 26/1/2016
Jan 19, 2016, 8:12 pm


Dear Members please note that we have moved our AGM from our tea room into the main club house function room to accommodate all those who we expect to attend, it is still a 7pm start. We can all stay afterwards for a drink/game of pool and a bit banter if people so wish.

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