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Captain and Vice Captains Roles
Apr 3, 2016, 7:54 pm

Match Reporting

Please remember the following;

  1. Home teams must fully complete the appropriate sections of the Northumberland Cricket League on Line Result Sheet within 48 hours.
  2. Home teams must fully complete the on line scorecard within 48 hours.
  3. Away teams must approve the scorecard within 24 hours of point 2.
  4. Please remember that the home team must call the press after the game. Regardless if it is a Abandoned, Cancelled, Win, Lose, Tie or Concede.

Otherwise the club could lose points and or be fined.


Marking Scores for the Umpires and Pitches

Please find below an email from the NCL Assistant Secretary 

Dear all 


Could you please ensure that you inform your captains before the season starts of the new strict requirement regarding umpires markings and pitch scores.


We received a complaint last year that Premier Division and Division 1 captains were not agreeing the rating for the umpire and they were not asking the umpire for their rating of the pitch.


This year each home captain will have to complete the online form as per last year but WILL BE required to tick to confirm that they have asked the umpires for the pitch score and also have agreed with the opposing captain the umpire rating.


The General Commitee will be asking captains to confirm they have given this information. If it proves that home captains have not agreed the umpire rating with their opposition captain then a fine will be issued as per league rules. 


The General Commitee will be also asking umpires to confirm they have given this information. If it proves that home captains have not asked the umpire the umpire rating then a fine will be issued as per league rules.


There will be no leniency on these league rules this year.



Assistant Secretary 


ECB Guidance Note: Helmets
Apr 3, 2016, 7:43 pm


ECB Guidance Note: Safety measures for helmets within recreational cricket

The ECB has recently announced new helmet safety measures, which are being introduced with a view to reducing the risk of head and facial injuries within the game. The purpose of this brief note is to assist Leagues and Clubs at the recreational level to understand the key elements of these changes and what they mean.

Players over the age of 18

The ECB strongly recommends that all adult recreational cricketers should wear helmets for certain activities, preferably which meet the most recent British Safety Standard (see below). This recommendation applies to batting against all types of bowling, wicket-keepers standing up to the wicket (who may as an alternative wear face protectors) and fielders fielding closer than eight yards from the batsman’s middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off side.

Under 18s

The position in relation to u18s currently remains unchanged, and is governed by the ‘ECB Guidance on the Wearing of Cricket Helmets by Young Players’ ( In essence, batsmen and wicket-keepers standing up to the stumps must wear head protection when playing or practising. That Guidance should be referred to in full for the position in relation to u18s.

British Safety Standard

The latest British Safety Standard is BS7928:2013 (for both adults and juniors). The full list of helmets meeting this standard is available at For wicket-keeping face protectors the relevant British Safety Standard is BS7929-2:2009 (again, for both adults and juniors).

The ECB understands that there is currently no specific women's helmet and as a consequence no specific standard for women's cricket helmets. As the size of the standard women's cricket ball is between the standard men and junior balls, it is recommended that women use helmets that have been tested against both the men's and junior sized ball, or at least against the junior size ball (as that could potentially get through the gap above the face guard on a men's helmet).

What do Leagues and Clubs need to do?

Whilst it is strongly recommended that all adult recreational cricketers wear helmets in the on-field circumstances detailed above, it is not mandatory for them to do so. For the avoidance of doubt, Leagues or Clubs do not need to go above and beyond the ECB’s recommendation by forcing their cricketers to wear helmets.

However, Leagues and Clubs in recreational cricket should ensure that their cricketers are made aware of the ECB’s above recommendation in relation to helmets, including the need to check that any newly purchased helmets meet the latest British Safety Standard. The ECB recommends that Leagues and Clubs bring the link above (i.e to the attention of their cricketers and encourage all cricketers to carefully consider their own health and safety regarding helmet use.

Leagues and Clubs should always ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance.

April League Meeting
Apr 3, 2016, 10:37 am

April 13th is the Northumberland Cricket League Meeting with a 7pm start at the New Hartley Social Club.

Our 3 team captains are asked to attend with the Chiarman, we will also receive our League handbooks.

Poor Turnout
Apr 3, 2016, 10:34 am

Cricket Force Saturday saw a poor turnout only 6 people attended, yes the weather was not good but it is only 1 day a year when we are all meant to come together, due to the numbers not all the jobs were done, a big thank you to those who came and supported their club;

Craig Jobson and his Mother Sue who did a great job in the kitchen and tea room.

Ant Elliott, Dean Greaves, Michael Adamson, Craig Jobson and Paul Milburn who managed to assemble our covers and repair the practice cage.

Club house extension
Apr 1, 2016, 8:34 pm


Ashington Rugby Club are now ready to start build a large extension to the clubs function room, right up to the telephone mast fence. The work in the background has been ongoing now for 9 months or more, looking for funding to deliver this exciting project.

The extension will be approx. 120sq metres, this will give the club a new dance floor and a function room seating capacity for over 170 people, this will give the club greater opportunities to host parties and dinners, which will bring in additional income to support the club who invest heavily in the playing facilities and changing rooms. The club is also investing in a disabled toilet, the community and its users will benefit from this venture, the facility users are;

  1. Ashington Joint Welfare Rugby Football Club
  2. Ashington Rugby Cricket Club.
  3. Ellington Juniors Football Club.
  4. Green Lane Able Bodied and Disable Bodied Archery Club.
  5. Northumberland Lightning American Football Club.
  6. Northumberland Veterans Motor Cycle Club.

Ashington Rugby Club have set up a "Buy a Brick" fundraising event, bricks are being sold a various prices ranging from £25 Silver brick, £50 Gold brick and £100 Platinum brick, for this members can have their name inserted into a brick which will be mounted on a board just like the honours boards they have on an internal club house wall.

Should our Cricket club support the Rugby Club by purchasing a £100 brick and have our clubs name inserted into a brick, It would be a nice gesture, and we would have our name on the board for every more. We have set up a poll which can be found down the right hand side of our web site, members please have a vote.

Cricket Force Weekend
Apr 1, 2016, 8:07 pm

Members are asked to come along and support your club, prepare for the new season only 3 weeks away, jobs to be done are as follows;

  1. Skim the new plasterboards on the kitchen ceiling following our recent burst pipe, (celing is already boarded).
  2. Repair damaged kitchen light fittings.
  3. Assemble our mobile covers
  4. Assemble our sight screens and push out onto the field (frames have already been glossed).
  5. Repair our practice cage.
  6. Refit practice cage netting.
  7. Clean the score box internally and wash down the external face.
  8. Remove all the crockery from our kitchen cupboards and wash all items.
  9. Wash the inside of all kitchen cupboards.
  10. Clean the tea room carpet.
  11. Wash down the tea room tables.
  12. And any other jobs which come about during the day.

All the Chairman is asking is a few hours of the member's time on Saturday morning, the more we have the easier it will be "More hands make light work" as they say.

Remember it is your club all those who turn up will be given a Cricket Force T Shirt.

Club Successful with EWCT Small Grant Scheme
Apr 1, 2016, 7:55 pm


We have been awarded an England and Wales Cricket Trust Grant Scheme, towards;

1. 2 number 78ft x 13ft side sheets for our mobile covers with retro attachment kit.

2. 2 county bowlers run up covers 30ft x 15ft.

3. Mk3 Bowdry water removal machine with additional replacement foam pack.

4. 100 metres of hoses for our mobile covers.

We are very grateful for the support of this grant, this will support our club to get more game played in adverse weather conditions. As a club we only have to put 11% of the overall cost toward all of the listed items above.

Club Clothing
Feb 28, 2016, 9:09 am

We will be placing a bulk order for our clothing soon to make sure we have our clothes in time for the new season our Chairman needs the order forms along with the money, the deadline for members is Wednesday 23rd March.

Please don't wait till this date try to get the forms and money in ASAP.

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